Customized FRP Equipment
FRP Covers FRP Hoods Rotating Vacuum Drum Filter - designed for full vacuum
FRP Blowers
FRP Blowers 10000 m3 per hr @ 150 mmWc FRP Blowers 70000 m3 per hr @ 200 mmWC FRP Blowers for Paper Industry 4000 m3 per hr @ 250 mmWC
FRP Blowers of Various Capacities FRP Blowers with Silencer 8000 m3 per hr @ 200 mmWC FRP Exhaust Blowers 5000 m3 per hr @ 350 mmWC
FRP Scrubbers
Biggest FRP Scrubber for SO2 - 325,000 m3 per hr FRP Ventury Scrubber for Solids FRP Vertical Scrubber 2100 mm x 9500 mm
PP+FRP Horizontal Scrubber for HF - 43,000 m3 per hr PP+FRP Horizontal Scrubber for NH3 PPH+ FRP Horizontal Cross Flow Scrubber for Caustic- 12000 m3 per hr
FRP Pipes, Ducts & Stack
FRP Chemical Process Piping FRP Exhaust Ducts 700 mm Dia x 800 m Long FRP Filament Wound Ducts 1100 mm
FRP Fittings 2 FRP Fittings 3 FRP Fittings
FRP Stack 1000 mm Dia x 40000 mm High FRP Stack 2600 mm Dia x 51000 mm High
FRP Tanks
FRP Horizontal Acid Storage Tank for Pickling Line - 70 m3 FRP Storage Tanks for Pharma Industry FRP Vertical Acid Storage Tank for Paper Industry - 100 m3
FRP Vertical Storage Tank for Chemical Industry FRP Vertical Storage Tanks for Paper Industry PP+FRP Agitated Vessels for Chemical Industry
PVDF+FRP Vessels for Pharmaceutical Industry  
» Customized FRP Equipment
» FRP Blowers
» FRP Scrubbers
» FRP Pipes, Ducts & Stack
» FRP Tanks
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