Customized FRP Equipment
FRP Covers FRP Hoods Rotating Vacuum Drum Filter - designed for full vacuum
Centrifugal Fans for Chemical & Pharma Industries Centrifugal Fans for Textiles Chemical and Texile Inductries High Pressure Low Volume Fans
High Volume Medium Pressure Centirfugal Fans High Volume Medium Pressure Fans Low Volum High Pressure Fans
Medium Volume Medium Pressure Fans FRP Blowers 10000 m3 per hr @ 150 mmWc FRP Blowers 70000 m3 per hr @ 200 mmWC
FRP Blowers for Paper Industry 4000 m3 per hr @ 250 mmWC FRP Blowers of Various Capacities FRP Blowers with Silencer 8000 m3 per hr @ 200 mmWC
FRP Exhaust Blowers 5000 m3 per hr @ 350 mmWC Fan Fan
FRP Pipes, Ducts & Stack
Ducting and Piping for Chemical Industries Ducting for Rayon Fibre Plant Headers and Ducting for Automotive Industries
In Plant Ducting for Rayon Fibre Plant Piping for Steel Pickling Lines FRP Chemical Process Piping
FRP Exhaust Ducts 700 mm Dia x 800 m Long FRP Filament Wound Ducts 1100 mm FRP Fittings 2
FRP Fittings 3 FRP Fittings FRP Stack 1000 mm Dia x 40000 mm High
FRP Stack 2600 mm Dia x 51000 mm High    
ESP Body for SO2 Horizontal Scrubber for Automotive Industries Horizontal Scrubber for H2SO4 MIST
Horizontal Scrubber Packed Colum Scrubber Packed Column Scrubber
Quencher Scrubber Scrubber for Pure Gas Biggest FRP Scrubber for SO2 - 325,000 m3 per hr
FRP Ventury Scrubber for Solids FRP Vertical Scrubber 2100 mm x 9500 mm PP+FRP Horizontal Scrubber for HF - 43,000 m3 per hr
PP+FRP Horizontal Scrubber for NH3 PPH+ FRP Horizontal Cross Flow Scrubber for Caustic- 12000 m3 per hr Scrubbers
Scrubbers Scrubbers Dome
Scrubbing System
  FES for Battery FES For Battery Industries
Fume Exhaust CUM Scrubbing System Fume Exhaust System for Steel Pickling Scrubbing System with Stack
Vertical Scrubbing System Scrubbing System Scrubbing System
Tank & Vessels
100 KL Capacity FRP Tanks ACID Storage Tanks Chemical Storage Tanks
FRP Stack with Structure FRP Tank on Wooden Saddles H2SO4 Storage Tanks
HCL Storage Tanks Horizontal Cylindrical ACID Storage Tank Rectangualr Tank Part
Stack with Structure Tank with Railing and Cage Vertical Cylindrical FRVS Tanks
Vertical Storage Tank with Lader and Cage FRP Horizontal Acid Storage Tank for Pickling Line - 70 m3 FRP Storage Tanks for Pharma Industry
FRP Vertical Acid Storage Tank for Paper Industry - 100 m3 FRP Vertical Storage Tank for Chemical Industry FRP Vertical Storage Tanks for Paper Industry
PP+FRP Agitated Vessels for Chemical Industry PVDF+FRP Vessels for Pharmaceutical Industry  
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