Fume Exhaust/Extraction & Scrubbing Systems for any Processing Industry  
JRF can provide Fume Extraction & Scrubbing Systems for any processing Industry
Features of JRF Scrubbing System are
1. Designed for intimate gas-liquid contact providing high absorption rate with carefully designed and precisely manufactured modem internals.
2. Packing support plates of multi-beam gas injection type to avoid flooding.
3. Liquid distributor designed to offer minimum restriction to gas flow and for high efficiency liquid distribution.
4. Liquid redistributor of orifice-riser type.
5. Packing type and size selected to allow high gas-liquid traffic with low pressure drop for the gas.
6. Mist eliminator selected to entrap fine mist with minimal pressure drop.
7. Recirculation tank of suitable holding capacity provided as per requirement with provision of mounting the scrubber directly on recirculation tank to save space.
8. Recirculation pump of required capacity and head.
9. Efficiently designed proprietary centrifugal fan of suitable capacity and static pressure.
10. Heat exchanger designed to give required heat transfer duty wherever needed.
11. Efficient mode of pollutant removal.
12. Low pressure drop and minimum energy requirement.
13. Once through or recycling operation as desired.
14. Easy flexibility and high turn down.
15. Maintenance free and noiseless operation.
16. Minimum or no man power required.
17. Lowest payout period.
Consult JRF for the customized packages as per your process & requirement.
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